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Credit Cards CX Strategy


India's Leading Private Bank

Enhancing customer experience through efficient credit card management

Client's Challenge

Outrageous volumes of service & card management requests from customers resulted into increasing pressure on to the channels & respective bank verticals. This led to increasing operational overheads, keeping the bank away from delivering rich customer experiences.

Our Solution

Created a CX strategy for the credit cards ecosystem primarily focussing on how easily, effectively & efficiently users can control & maintain their credit cards.

My Role

As the Design Lead for this engagement, I collaborated with data analysts, designers, and senior executives from the bank. I was responsible for interviewing the key stakeholders, understanding the pain point of the existing system, and using Design Thinking and User-Centered Design approaches to design a Customer Experience Strategy that would solve customer problems.

The Impact

The delivered design interventions resulted in increased utilisation of services, reduced engagement with the customer support centre by 28%, increase in sales, and higher engagement with the bank.

The Approach & Timelines


01 / 03

In this phase, we aimed to understand the current state of the credit card management process and the needs and expectations of both customers and stakeholders. We also analysed customer touchpoints to identify how customers interact with the bank and its credit card services.

Understood key business goals and challenges, through stakeholder interviews.

01 / 03

To kick off the first phase of the project, I conducted a series of stakeholder envisioning exercises. These included one-on-one interviews with eight key stakeholders from the Cards, Innovations Practice, and Rewards teams. These helped us gather critical insights on the as-is business scenarios, goals, and critical success factors of the engagement.

"We want to build a robust ecosystem for our
    credit card customers

Senior Vice President (Cards)

"Cards are the most glamorous part of the bank,
    so we want to make it more engaging and

Head of Innovations Practice

Uncovered customer touchpoint processes, through ecosystem
mapping workshops.

02 / 03

I collaborated with a Human Factors International (HFI) Design Consultant to run workshops with the bank's CX Manager and other leaders. We learned about the existing cross-channel services for credit card management, and the main customer touchpoints and processes. We discovered pain-points that affected both customers and the business.

Mapped pain-points to the customer journeys, from interview and
observational data.

03 / 03

Then, we used the workshop findings to map customer journeys and interactions for different credit card services. We leveraged previous ethnographic research and usability test insights to enrich our knowledge of customer needs and pain points. I collaborated with a data analyst and the Head of Customer Service to review internal documents that highlighted the top customer complaints, queries, and requests.


02 / 03

In this phase, we focused on defining the scope and direction of our design intervention. We synthesised our findings from the discovery phase and identified a key service opportunity that would address the most critical pain points and create value for both customers and stakeholders. We then developed a strategy framework that outlined our vision, objectives, principles, and measures of success.

Identified key opportunities to resolve top customer complaints & service needs, through workshops.

01 / 02

Once enough insights were uncovered during the discovery phase, patterns started to emerge. We clustered these customer problems into two unique buckets based on the type of customer's service needs. We ran another workshop with the vertical heads to validate these clusters, and through conversations identified areas of opportunity that would solve key customer challenges.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 21.27.55.png

Designed interim and long-term strategies to cater to the service requests and card management functionalities.

02 / 02

The opportunity identification workshop proved to be critical as it helped us understand the business feasibility and priority of solving each of the customer challenges. I used the insights from the workshop to design a strategy framework to solve the customer challenges. The interim strategy was focussed on optimising the channels for short term key service requests, while the long-term strategy focussed more on the card engagement and management functionalities.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 21.58.44.png


03 / 03

In this phase, we aimed to deliver solutions that would implement our design strategy to enhance customer experience. We provided interim solutions that could be implemented quickly and easily to generate immediate impact. We also provided long-term solutions that would require more time and resources but would create lasting change.

Delivered interim solutions that would provide service request functionalities for immediate impact.

01 / 02

After gaining buy-in for the strategy, the project moved to the delivery phase. I conducted heuristic evaluation of existing service channels through the lens of UX best practices to identify quick fixes that would greatly improve the experience. I worked with the HFI Design Consultant and a Visual Designer to design new card service functionalities into existing bank channels. I presented these designs to the client to gain stakeholder buy-in.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 23.34.21.png

Microsite Portal

  • Designed a microsite portal within the bank's net-banking website to service all key functionalities.

  • The portal was designed to be used by end customers as well as branch executives.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 23.34.44.png

Email & Physical Statements

  • Designed the layout for visual hierarchy to support content consumption.

  • Important relevant information and functionalities delivered to the user in the most convenient way.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 23.34.55.png


  • Menu options were aligned towards key service functionalities.

  • Option selection codes designed for ease of recollection.

Kicked off another engagement with
the bank to design two long term interventions from the strategy.

02 / 02

Once we gained buy-in from the client on the interim design interventions, HFI acquired another engagement with the bank. I led both projects within the engagement, working alongside the bank's Vice President of Innovations Practice, and managing a team of an HFI Design Consultant and a Visual Designer to deliver these projects. 

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 00.17.00.png


Transforming Digital Customer Acquisition

  • Cleared the digital clutter, by designing a seamless experience for customers to digitally apply for a Credit Card.

  • Enhanced the forms usability to reduce the customer acquisition time and reduce drop-offs.

  • Reduced the customer's need for human interaction while applying for a Credit Card.


Credit Cards Rewards Management

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 00.29.27.png


  • Designed an omni-channel gamification strategy to motivate customers to spend more money by getting rewarded for it.

  • Gave users a view of eligibility for higher benefits resulting into portfolio upgradations.

Higher Engagement & Spends

  • Leveraged game mechanics to create an interactive ecosystem for credit card customers to redeem their points for exciting rewards.

  • Gave users access to exclusive personalised offers to futher increase engagement.


28% Reduction in
Call Centre Queries

after implementation of the interim strategy

Customer Acquisition Time Reduced to 12 Mins from 21 Mins

across the digital acquisition channel after implementation of the new Customer Acquisition Platform

17% Reduction in Digital Channel
Drop Offs & Increase in Product Sales

after implementation of the new Customer Acquisition Platform

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