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Hey there, I am

Soumitra Sathe.

I am a Service & Strategic Designer based in London. I am currently studying MA Service Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

With a focus on strategy, systems design, and experience design, I have spent the past 5 years working and studying to use design as a tool to find innovative solutions to strategic business challenges to create a measurable impact.

My personal design approach focuses on Purpose-Driven Capitalism, where I look at evidence-based solutions to imagine a better future for Profits, People, and Planet.

About Me

Organisations I have worked with


Let me take you through my journey

Royal College of Art, London, UK

MA Service Design

Sept 2021 - July 2023

London Business School, London, UK

MBA Elective: Business Model Innovation

Feb 2023 - March 2023

Imperial College Business School, London, UK

MBA Elective: Entrepreneurial Journey

Jan 2022 - July 2022

University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India

B.E. Mechanical Engineering

July 2013 - June 2018

Here's what my ex-colleagues have to say about me


Girish Prabhu

Senior VP - Innovation & UX

Human Factors International

"Soumitra is a talented designer with a very curious mind, excellent grasping capabilities and a spirit to learn new things. He is innovative and a great collaborator. His work displays quality, professionalism, and care, and is always delivered with a confident smile. He is someone I felt I could count on as a bright colleague and respect as an individual.


Dhruv Sharma

Lead Strategic Designer


"Soumitra has played a significant role in getting the solution up to speed by his proactive approach towards problem solving. He reached out to industry experts, looked into research reports, arranged interviews, while coordinating with a cross-functional team with ease and helped save a lot of time for the team. His ability to get a hold on new concepts promptly, creating a safe environment for peers to learn and grow, is commendable. I'll be happy to work with him again and surely recommend him for professional engagements.


Masood Nasser

VP - Advanced UX

Human Factors International

"Soumitra is a professional whose capabilities belies his years of experience. Very articulate handles clients well and is a keen learner. He has picked up foundational principles of Human factors very well, which makes it easy to use him in complex projects. He has handled difficult projects, and clients and shown an exponential learning curve when he worked with me.


Sandeish Salvi

Head - User Experience Design

Cactus Communications

"Soumitra is always looking for ways to push the envelope of his own capabilities and will leave no stone unturned in his quest to see that his work showcases the brilliance that is expected. He is a talented designer who is very process oriented and possesses this great ability to remain calm and composed in the toughest of situations and can put at ease even the most difficult clientele. Soumitra is a hardworking, self-directed and extremely creative individual who left me very impressed with his knowledge about all aspects of user experience design.

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