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As a Strategic Designer, I create transformative change in organisations by designing future-resilient products and services.

Showcased Projects    (Scroll down to view other projects)

Empowering neurodiverse individuals to improve their credit score by leveraging multi-sensory communication

Royal College of Art    X    Barclays

Co-creating value with Lewisham community: Helping youth charities accelerate their impact

Royal College of Art    X    Landsec

Download case studies of my previous UX Design projects

Human Factors International    X    India's leading private bank

Other Projects    (Not Documented)

CX Strategy

Enhancing customer experience through efficient

credit card management

Human Factors International    X    India's leading private bank

Micro and Small

Helping micro and small enterprises accelerate

their growth through creation of community

driven business ecosystems.

Royal College of Art | On-going

Future of

Speculative Design project focussing on how CBD

Retail entrepreneurs must reimagine their business

and customer experience strategies to achieve growth.

Royal College of Art

New Economic Model
for the Oceans

Designed 'GreenRig', a vision to repurpose

de-commissioned oil rigs for cultivation and

research of sustainable uses of seaweed.

Royal College of Art    X    Logitech

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